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Rhino’s Will Be Wiped Out By 2015


“One rhino expert, Richard Emslie, sees the tipping point coming in 2015 under current trends. South Africa’s environment ministry forecasts from 2016, and once that happens, wild rhinos could be wiped out in the country a decade after that.” via Yahoo News

“The rate of poaching continues to rise and we are getting ever closer to that dangerous tipping point,” said Jo Shaw, the rhino coordinator for the global conservation agency World Wildlife Fund (WWF”).Via Yahoo News

South Africa and Mozambique started knocking down sections of the border fences in Kruger about a decade ago to give animals more area to roam. There are voices in South Africa now calling for it to be rebuilt to protect the rhinos on its side.” via Yahoo news.

Rhino Calf Rescue:

Save the Rhino:

International Fund for Animal Welfare:

Djani Wildlife Projects



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  1. We have a facility here in our town, Fossil Rim Wildlife Ctr, that breeds white rhinos and black rhinos and is very involved in international conservation issues. This is an important topic. Thanks for sharing.

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