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Iceland Dog

This breed is also known as the Iceland Sheepdog, Iceland Spitz, Friaar Dog and comes from Iceland.


Image Credit: Wiki

Group: Northern,UKC

History:  This is Iceland’s only native breed which was believed to have been brought in by the Viking settlers in the late 9th or early 10th century.The Iceland Sheepdog was used as  a sheepdog to herd .It has been on the brink of extinction several times, but fortunately this breeds popularity has increased over time.

Physical Description: This breed is a small to medium-size dog that has a strong, triangular shaped head with a muzzle that is shorter than its skull.Their ears are medium sized and have slightly rounded tips.The Iceland’s tail is carried over it’s back and his coat is thick and weather resistant with a thick undercoat

Height: 16-20 inches

Weight: 25-35 pounds

Temperament: The Iceland Sheepdog has a sweet temperament and gets along with children and family.

Activity: Medium to High

This breed needs to be active and to have a job.

Needs: Plenty of exercise,grooming,training, a job such as herding and also socialization.

Health Concerns: Hip Dysplasia


Positive Training


American Kennel Club:

The Iceland Sheepdog Association of America:

National Icelandic Dog Rescue:




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