Paw Seasons Luxury Dog Holiday. Bristol U.K. Going Going Gone $73,000




Not many of our canine companions will end up with a dog vacay like this one. For a mere $73,000, the Paw Seasons luxury dog hotel in Bristol, UK and, have combined a one-of-a-kind luxury experience for dogs.Recently unveiled as the most spectacular luxury dog holiday package for one very pampered pooch.


The package includes luxury accommodations, canine surfing lessons,reiki sessions, a luxury wardrobe, pet grooming at Harrod’s and much more.


Chauffeured car ride for your pooch

Suite with private showing of Lassie, 101 Dalmatians

Specially crafted  doghouse that will replicate your dog’s own home to avoid any homesickness.

Personal Chef

Local Beach and countryside dog walks with vegan ice cream in case your canine companion is a vegetarian.

A supervised running session with hurdles

Surfing lesson

A special day with author and dog  behavior expert Stan Rawlinson.

Reiki sessions with Rob Fellow– master teacher at the U.K Reiki Fed.

Grooming at Harrod’s Pet Spa -aromatherapy bath and full bath and body massage , fluff dry and a canine pedicure.

Updates via Facebook and YouTube

Although this dog vacay is pretty extravagant, $10,000 will be split between Cancer Research UK and Battersea Dogs Home.



Luxury Launches

Paws Season Hotel Uk

Surf South West



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