Paw Seasons Luxury Dog Holiday. Bristol U.K. Going Going Gone $73,000




Not many of our canine companions will end up with a dog vacay like this one. For a mere $73,000, the Paw Seasons luxury dog hotel in Bristol, UK and, have combined a one-of-a-kind luxury experience for dogs.Recently unveiled as the most spectacular luxury dog holiday package for one very pampered pooch.


The package includes luxury accommodations, canine surfing lessons,reiki sessions, a luxury wardrobe, pet grooming at Harrod’s and much more.


Chauffeured car ride for your pooch

Suite with private showing of Lassie, 101 Dalmatians

Specially crafted ¬†doghouse that will replicate your dog’s own home to avoid any homesickness.

Personal Chef

Local Beach and countryside dog walks with vegan ice cream in case your canine companion is a vegetarian.

A supervised running session with hurdles

Surfing lesson

A special day with author and dog  behavior expert Stan Rawlinson.

Reiki sessions with Rob Fellow– master teacher at the U.K Reiki Fed.

Grooming at Harrod’s Pet Spa -aromatherapy bath and full bath and body massage , fluff dry and a canine pedicure.

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Although this dog vacay is pretty extravagant, $10,000 will be split between Cancer Research UK and Battersea Dogs Home.



Luxury Launches

Paws Season Hotel Uk

Surf South West



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