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By Claudia Bensimoun




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With eBooks on balanced, all-positive training spurring the over- simplification of dog training,many pet parents are becoming confused as to why training is not as simple as these ‘two training terms.Many pet parents end up changing trainers or their training methods with their confused canines being caught in the middle of various training methods.

Numerous dogs end up in shelters simply because they are confused.For some trainers ‘balanced training’ means something totally different than for other trainers.Some of these dog training eBooks have over simplified the dog training process, and have unfortunately been written by people not qualified to write about dog training.

Verify the author as an expert in the field most especially when buying an eBook on dog training and dogs-well actually on everything that you’re going to be reading when it relates to animals, children and health! We are learning all the time and finding out new things about dog behavior, concepts and ideas every day.

Each and every dog is unique.They all have their quirks.Dogs always make choices even when they are just waiting in a ‘stay’ or ‘sit’ position, they are refraining from doing something else ,like chasing the cat perhaps.With positive dog training  our dogs learn that each behavior is based on what response they are getting from that particular behavior.With food being one of a dog’s favorite rewards, it is most likely that your furry best friend will repeat the wanted behavior again in the hopes of receiving the treat again.

When a particular behavior is performed by our dogs on numerous occasions, an association is formed and we then have a cue.Nonetheless, in order to show your dog how to perform a particular behavior such as ‘stay’ ,your dog needs to understand  the required behavior first.By rewarding each and every wanted behavior, we are able to help our canine companions not only learn faster , but have more fun learning.

The formula for successful training comes down to two things.Teaching the required behavior and maintaining that behavior.By using rewards such as treats, foods, toys and praise we are able to do both.Understanding your dogs and how the mechanics of reinforcement can help your dogs in learning,  and will make you a more effective and kinder pet parent.

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