Basset Artesian Normand -BAN


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Country of Origin: France

Group: UKC

History:The Bassett Artesian Normand was first bred by the French in the late nineteenth century.This great breed was a mix of bassets from both Normandy and Artois.The Bassett Artesian Normand was developed as a small gaming hound.

Description: The Bassett Artesian Normand is a medium sized dog breed that can be small, yet sturdy.The Artesian Normand Basset’s ears are very long and set low.They can be folded or corkscrewed.Their feet are large and turned outwards.The Artesian has short legs.This breed has a long tapered tail with a weather-resisatnt coat that is easy to groom.The Artesian carries the typical hound tricolor or has white with orangey/tan patches.

Height:10-14 inches

Weight: Around 33 pounds

Temperament: The Artesian has such a wonderful disposition.They are good-natured and enjoy being around families with children.Nonetheless, these loving companions do tend to roam at times.They are an active breed and need positive training with lots of exercise.


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