Sloughi- North African Dog Breeds- Arabian Greyhound


The Sloughi,  a dog breed from Northern Africa,also known as the Arabian Greyhound ,originated from Northern Africa.

Group: UKC

History: The Sloughi is believed to be a descendant of the drop-eared sighthound that had been treasured by the ancient Egyptians.This devoted family dog of the Berber people of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya, as well as the Bedouin people, is used as a hunter dog for small and medium -sized game.The Sloughi is also used as a flock guardian dog.Although this historical breed nearly became extinct at the turn of the twentieth century from disease and political/social upheavals,there is now renewed interest in the Sloughi-Arabian Greyhound.


The Sloughi is medium -sized and has a muscular, square build that is racy in form.With a long neck and a triangular head, tapering muzzle, the head on the Sloughi dog is stronger than in most sighthounds.The Sloughi has triangular drop ears and brown eyes,.Their coat is smooth, soft which makes for easy grooming.Coats may be tan, sand colored, brindle, black with tan.Some may have a black mask or other black markings or some white markings on the chest or toes.

Two types of Sloughi’s

1.Desert Sloughi- smaller and lighter in build.

2.Mountain Sloughi

Height: 24 – 29.5 inches

Weight: 40- 63 pounds

Temperament:The Sloughi is a friendly and affectionate family dog.This dog breed is wary of strangers, but loves being around children and other dogs.The Sloughi needs to be socialized from an early age and needs regular exercise.The Arabian  Greyhound is calm at home, yet takes a while to mature to adulthood out of puppyhood.The Sloughi as a breed tends to fare better in homes where pet parents are active, yet patient.This dog breed needs attention and plenty of affection.

Sloughi Special Needs:

Regular schedule for exercise. Socialization from a young age, positive reinforcement training and attention.This breed is very sensitive, so the Sloughi needs individual attention.

Health Concerns:

Sensitivity to anesthesia, jaw atrophy, heart murmur,PRA



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