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Our furry best friends, for the most part, crave routines. They don’t need alarms to predict the precise time you both will be heading for the dog park or when it’s time for that pet vacay. But when the holidays arrive or you’ve got to attend that business meeting which includes a flight, most household routines change.

To prevent business or holiday travel from turning into yowl time filled with canine anxiety and sometimes calamity, many pet parents are turning to unique, tailored packages to suit individual pets, including exercise solutions, grooming, play time, aromatherapy baths and dog training programs. Hanrob Pet Hotels keeps your dogs safe, well exercised and pampered during these times.

Any changes in environment or schedule can be perceived as stressful for your pets. The combination of suitcases, Christmas trees, candles, unusual noises, all represent a great deal of change, which is frightening and scary for your pooch. As a pet parent, making sure that your pets are in a safe environment during such times, eases your pet’s stress level during holiday or business travel.

A recent study by Hanrob Pet Hotels demonstrates that a staggering 80% of Australian pet parents would alter or cancel their travel plans if they could not make    suitable arrangements for pet care. Pet-lovers know that the Hanrob Pet Hotels offers all professionals the unique and high quality experience of knowing that their pets are safe and well –cared for. Research indicates that nearly 48% of pet owners value the opportunity to spend quality time with their pet before they go on holiday-Hanrob Pet Hotel locations enable them to maximize time with their pets pre holiday, right up to the last minute.

The Hanrob’s luxury pet hotel has suites conveniently located in Sydney (Heathcoat, Sydney Airport and Duffy’s Forest) and Melbourne (Melbourne Airport). Prices for accommodation start at just $32.00 per day, and the Staying Connected Package is available for $49.00.Kenneling is a luxurious experience made possible through Andrew Briggs, Ceo of Hanrob Pet Hotels. Offered at all Hanrob Pet Hotel properties, the Hanrob’s luxury pet hotels includes extended stays, emergency veterinary treatment, play time for your pooch with his new canine companions, aromatherapy baths, Skype sessions, digital photos (PetPics), and pre-recorded videos.(PetVideo)

Luxury does have to not stop with human guests. Pets can look forward to doggie bootcamp- a program that allows dogs to brush up on their obedience skills, whilst perusing the wonderful grounds. Planning a trip with Fido is as easy as finding the Hanrob Pet Hotel website. There is an extensive pet-friendly link http://www.hanrob.com.au helping you determine what activities you wish to include for Fido’s stay and information on dog training and pet limo services to and from the airport for your family, dropping you and your luggage at the airport, then taking Fido to his hotel, where a pet friendly staff member will be waiting to greet him and settle him in. Hanrob Pet Hotels embraces all four-legged guests. Pet travel has never been so easy!

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