Dog Training For Tricks.Part 4. Reinforcing The Behaviors You Want.

Reinforcing The Behaviors You Want



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Listing all the existing behaviors that you would like to change makes for easier changes. You have to know what you want to change. Many frustrating behaviors can be easily changed. Break down each behavior into small easy steps. Thirty second increment training can be effective if the behavior being taught is complicated. When your dog has been continually successful with each step, you can then raise the criterion and move on to the next level. Advance each behavior to the next level with lots of praise and treats.

What is a Learned Behavior?

Skinner showed how removing an unpleasant and negative reinforcement strengthens behavior with his Skinner box. Rats in the Skinner box learned avoidance and escape learning. A learned behavior is one that tends to occur at least 8 out of 10 times. If your furry best friend has not learned a behavior 8 times out of ten, then that behavior has not been taught.

Why Keeping Training Sessions Short Works Best For Dogs

We have to train with one thing in mind. Success! All dogs have to experience success without experiencing failure. Picture a mental training book and go through it. Picture all the behaviors that you want from Fido .The key to success is being able to break down each behavior into smaller parts. This is done so that your furry best friend can understand what you are asking of him, and can also understand the behavior that is demanded from him.

Longer training sessions most times lead to failure. Sessions should be three to five minutes max in length, and occur three to five days a day if not more frequently. If you have plenty of time, keep reinforcing the new behavior throughout the day. You only work on two to three behaviors each time.


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