Dog Training For Tricks. Part 5. Simple Behavior Changes

Why Working on Simple Behavior Changes is Easiest For Fido


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Reward and praise your dog when he is sitting quietly beside you. Reinforce your canine companion when he walks on a long leash without tugging. Reinforce your dog for not barking at the dog that is walking nearby. Catch him in his positive moments and ignore the negative ones when he does something wrong. Training should take place in many different environments such as the dog park, the beach, home, Starbucks, and possibly at a public venue like outside the library or a school.

If you are wanting to fetch children from school with your furry best friend, first do a test run near the school. Some dogs become way too excited at the sound of children, especially when there are many children leaving school at he same time. Pay attention to how he reacts and reward him if he remains calm and impassive in his new environment.

Follow up with a visit to the school when there is an early dismissal and fewer children walk home. Let your dog stand on the other side of the street to watch. Reward him before he starts getting excited. Bring him home. Each time increasing the length of time that he spends nearby the school, until you are able to remain with your dog on a loose-lease and wait for your child. Timing is so important. Improper timing when used in positive training leads to a slower learning curve.

Reinforcement after the click should take place within half a second. Nonetheless, if your dog does something less favorable, wait for at least 5 to 10 seconds after he stops doing the unwanted behavior. Then redirect to the required behavior, and then reinforce.

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