Dog Training For Tricks. Part 6. What Motivates Your Dog?


By Claudia Bensimoun

What Motivates Your Dog?


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While there isn’t an immediate “calm down” command we can cast over our hyper or mischievous furry best friends, there are a few things we can do to help bring focus into a training session. Forget the old training methods like the electronic collar or other training devices to aid with attention lapses. Rather find out what rewards your dog likes and use that as his reward for playing the training game and succeeding at it.

Learning and understanding what your dog likes and what motivates him are crucial to being a successful and caring pet parent and trainer. Many pet parents are amazed to learn that dog treats and kibbles just don’t make the cut. Try to be as imaginative as possible when rewarding your dog for good behavior, and always keep the treats as small as possible, possibly ¼ in size. This method of rewarding small bits at a time ensures that you don’t overfeed your pooch and end up with one overweight dog.

So why the reward? This is for something he’s earned and worked for. Food is the best motivator for all dogs. By training your dog with food as a motivator , you’re earning his trust and making him feel that he’s done a great job. This in turn makes him want to learn some more.

Fun and Healthy Ideas For Treats

Organic carrots


Boiled Hamburger Bits

Freeze-Dried Organic Liver

Freeze-Dried Organic Chicken

Grilled Hotdogs

Dried fruits with the exception of raisins, which are toxic to dogs

Bagels Bits


Any Freeze-Dried Organic Treats Made For Dogs

Fresh Organic Vegetable Bits

Keeping your furry best friend healthy and in shape means feeding him healthy. Don’t overfeed him one certain treat, surprise him with many different healthy and organic treats so that he doesn’t know what he’s getting.It’s a surprise! This makes training that much more exciting for him- the anticipation of a yummy treat. Think like a dog!

Other Types Of Fun Rewards for Fido

Tennis balls, Frisbees, toys and different games like fetch, catch and squeaky toy play can enhance the quality time you and your furry buddy spend together during training. These are a whole new category of rewards and should be combined with food rewards. Alternate between the two. That way, you canine companion doesn’t pick up weight, burns off any weight he’s gained from the treats and has now bonded with you even more. Shower him with praise and attention and remember to keep those Frisbee games short because they should not distract him from his lesson.

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