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Getting Back To Basics

Maybe you even have one-he’s hyper, high strung, and training classes involve a game of chase in which only your furry best friend is having fun. Most times, troubling behavior such as hyperactivity or playfulness is simply a sign of puppyhood, and only time and training will bring the difficulties out of your dog’s wild ways. I know that you don’t want to miss out on the fun in training, but harnessing your dog’s inattentive behavior and channeling his energy into specific training goals will lead to a very talented, driven, and accomplished canine. This in turn makes it easier to teach your dogs tricks. Training your dog to learn tricks is a perfect way to bond, and to give your furry best friend new things to think about. Just think about how much fun he’ll be having.


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Teaching your dogs to do tricks is all about having fun. This process creates trust, good communication and mental stimulation for your dog. You’re both working together and learning about each other’s personalities and quirks.

But first before you do this, you need to go back to the basics. An overall mindset needs to be attained by both you and your canine companion. Training your furry best friend to do tricks will help him overcome shyness, aggressiveness, hyperactivity and even fearfulness, by giving him another playful alternative and making him focus at the same time.

Play Dead and Roll Over is a wonderful behavior to teach because it gets your furry best friend used to someone leaning over him and he has to trust that person. By teaching your dog trick training, you can teach your canine companion to fetch his bowl, fetch the mail, bring in the newspaper and even find the car keys. He’ll also learn how to control his behavior and have fun at the same time.

So let’s start off with positive basic training skills, and then move on to training tricks. Dogs that understand basic commands have more fun being around people. As a pet parent, you’ll definitely have more fun taking your dog to the dog park, the beach and even the local Starbucks.

Dog training never stops, and is a lifelong process filled with happiness and sometimes brief moments of disappointment. The more you train and practice the better both of you will get. After all, it’s a team experience filled with plenty of rewards and positive reinforcement. Modern training methods today are far kinder than in the past.

Positively Blissful: How to Use Positive Training To Teach Your Dog Tricks

While many dog owners prefer to train their furry best friends at home or with a dog trainer, the best way to do this is with an obedience classes. By starting off your dog’s obedience training in a class setting with many other dogs around, you get to socialize your dog and can get the help of a dog trainer. After a few classes, many pet parents see the benefit of these classes that take place in a setting where frequent distractions are present at all times.

In an obedience class, your furry best friend gets to learn commands while working with a group of dogs. He most likely will receive some private instruction if he comes across a particular command that he is having trouble learning. Opt for the smaller training classes that tend to focus more on private instruction, preferably no more than 7 students per training instructor.

Even when you become successful working together with your dog, you will still need to do some training at home. Today there are even online dog training classes that make dog training even easier than ever.


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