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This organization, which is similar to Vets Without Borders, travels the world and provides international animal aid-veterinary assistance. This is a group that consists of veterinarians, animal health technicians and veterinary students. They have sent teams down to the Philippines and many countries that have suffered natural disasters. They provide vaccines; veterinary medications, equipment and many other much needed relief supplies.

World Vets focuses on education , public health and on how to educate people about zoonotic diseases, which are diseases that are carried by animals and transmitted to humans and from humans to animals.

Mission Statement

“World Vets Mission is to improve the health and well being of animals by providing veterinary aid and training in developing countries and by providing disaster relief worldwide.” via World Vets

World Vets






World Vets is a registered 501c(3). All donations to World Vets are tax deductible.

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