Initiating Play. Playing Styles in Dogs

By Claudia Bensimoun

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All dogs love to play and most will continue doing so well into old age.Playing with other dogs helps to maintain mental and physical health ,alertness and also improves muscle tone and agility.The different forms of play is shaped early on during puppyhood.

Playing Styles

A dog’s past experiences will establish the ways in which he plays with other dogs throughout his life.This is most true when applied to the way he plays and interacts with his pet parent or handler.His ancestry is also an important factor.Retrievers love to bring back frisbees and toys .

Initiating Play Between Dogs

Different postures demonstrate different needs for play.By adopting the “play bow”  dogs use their front paws as legs in order to control the ball or toy.Similar to people, there are sometimes no reasons why some dogs may dislike each other or become best friends.Long-lasting friendships between dogs are common and can last for many years. This is demonstrated at dog parks where dogs greet their furry best friends with such enthusiasm as they enter through the dog park gates.

Building Canine Friendships At The Dog Park

If you’re sure that your dogs are compatible, there are a few things that you can do to increase those chances of a great friendship.

Meet on neutral territory like the dog park on a neutral space away from pet parent territory .

Let the dogs sniff each other and play without interacting or disrupting their play unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Avoid potential conflict by not bringing treats to the park or paying preferred attention to either dog.

Fun loving and friendly dogs will often launch into play by play bowing which is a clear invitation for play.Watch out for raised hackles.If dogs are playing tag and running after each other, even if one dog is dominant, let them enjoy!

If you’re introducing your pup to an older dog, most sources of conflict are ruled out because the older dog will be the dominant one.The status of both dogs is clearly predefined already.Here gender is not of importance, and the temperaments of the individual dogs are what is important.Nonetheless be ready to separate the puppy from the older dog if he does not leave him alone.

Bring pups to the park.It’s well known that dogs learn behaviors by observing other dogs.Here your puppy will soon learn what is expected from him and how he should interact with other dogs.Always be relaxed and calm when introducing dogs .

If the other dog does not reciprocate enthusiasm and responds back with a snarl,keep your dogs apart.Safety comes first!

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  1. December 19, 2013 at 3:55 am

    We have two blue heeler mixes. One who mixes ok at the dog park but the other tends to herd other dogs. He bumps them and occasionally both my heelers gang up on another dog to herd them. I hesitate to bring them to the park because of this behavior. When they get very excited they don’t listen to the Come command either and get out of control.

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