Australian Kelpie


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The Australian Kelpi is sometimes known as the Kelpie or Barb .



History: The Australian Kelpie was developed around 1870, and originates from both the British and Scottish Terriers.Many also believe that dingoes and some other breeds played a role.

The Kelpie was bred for herding sheep in Australia and played an important role in the Australian sheep and wool industry.

Many of these Kelpies are still used in Europe,North America and Australia for sheep herding today.The Kelpie enjoys agility and needs to be kept active .

They are also known for their great companionship.

Description: Medium- size, agile dog.

Rounded skull

Tapered muzzle

Double Coat with thick undercoat.Weather-resistant outer  coat

Thick ruff at neck which may be blue, black, or red, with or without tan markings, or all tan.

White patch possibly on toes and chest

Height: 17-20 inches

Weight:26-45 pounds

Temperament: Active, intelligent, easygoing, friendly.One-person dog.

Activity Level:High

The Australian Kelpie enjoys being active and having a job to do.Countryside or farm environments are best for this breed.

Needs:Positive training, exercise, socialization

Health Concerns.PRA

Australian Kelpie Club of NSW



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