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Doga-Fido Friendly


Image Credits: Fido Friendly

Stay in the Present Moment with Doga

Fido and you can stretch your way to peace and tranquility.

Daily exercise and brain health go together. Just thirty minutes of Doga can reduce depression and stress in both humans and dogs. Dogs participating in a class of Doga experience a profound sense of bonding with their humans and mental wellness. Doga combines meditation, gentle stretching and massage for dogs and their pet parents alike.

At Morris K9 Campus, Robin Lash (CPDT-KA) teaches this class in tandem to make sure that these human-canine teams leave with their needs fulfilled. “Team teaching is something that has set us apart from other Doga classes. Our Doga classes are super pro dog. Dogs are never used as props while we go through our human yoga sequence. Each pose our students practice with their dogs has a purpose and we avoid practicing anything that is unsafe or could be stressful for your dogs,” says Lash who has been teaching Doga for over four years at K-9 Connection. Robin’s training philosophy is to use positive motivation to build trust and understanding.

For the Full Exclusive Story, see the Summer 2013 Issue of FIDO Friendly.


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