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Origin: Germany

Group: UKC.Guardian

History: The wonderful Leonberger dog is from Leonberg in Germany, and has been bred since 1846. The breed was developed from breeding the Landseer Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards and Great Pyrenees, so that they could produce a dog that looked like the town’s lion crest.The Leonberger was a great companion dog. Although nearly extinct after WW1, the Leonberger survived and is still a very popular breed today.


The Leonberger is a strong dog that has a large head. The tip of his  muzzle is black, and he has medium-drop ears with intelligent brown eyes.Tail is long and bushy. The Leonberger has a thick undercoat with a long, weather-resistant outer coat that is sometimes course. His coat tends to be long around the neck, chest and tail areas, and is filled with gold to reddish brown, or a dark, black mask. The Leonberger can also have black tips and small, white markings on his chest and feet.

Height: 25.5-31.5 inches

Weight:105 to 132 pounds

Temperament: The Leonberger was bred to be a companion. He is intelligent, sensitive, gentle, affectionate , and wonderful with children.

Activity Level: Medium to high

The Leonberger enjoys an active lifestyle with positive training and regular exercise.

Special Needs: Grooming, nutrition, exercise, socialization.

Health Needs: Addisons, hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism,bloat, canine cancer and OCD.

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