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Origin: Australia History: The Australian Koolie or Coolie comes from Australia and is a herding dog.This breed has existed in Australia since the 19th century and was bred from British working dogs. There are many variations in this breed, since Koolies were bred to show different characteristics in different regions of Australia.

The Koolie Club of Australia describes this breed on its ability to work instead of its confirmation.Nonetheless, most breeders will define the Koolie as a breed of dog, rather than a type of dog.The Koolie is known as a ‘herding’ breed, which means that it can circle widely around sheep and cattle and bring them back.Koolies are used for ‘herding’ sheep and are known to bring them back by ‘herding’ from behind and around cattle.These dogs herd quietly from behind, and are quiet and careful dogs when it comes to lambing season .

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Description: The Koolie is often confused with the Kelpie, and there are a few bi-colored Koolies that have been mistakenly regarded as Border Collies by the general public.Breeders can tell the difference right away.Nonethless, all of these breeds do share the Collie ancestory, and they do share a strong resemblance.

Colors:Solid such as black or red or chocolate which would include the merle coloring. Bi- which would include black & white or red & white. Tri- which would include solid red or black, with white markings.Sometimes these markings will be brown. Tri Merle- which would be the same as above description. Merle-this would be grey, black,red/chocolate or with a white undercoat that has large amounts of darker colorings which would include red/chocolate for red merle and black, grey for blue merles. Black Koolies will have a black nose and black eyes, sometimes even tones of blue.Red or chocolate koolies will have a red or brown nose with brown eyes, sometimes with a blue eye.Black koolies may also carry diluted colors of gun metal or slate.

Height: 16-24 inches

Temperament: The Koolie has all the qualities looked for in a working and herding dog.This breed is not shy or reserved although often  mistaken as timid.The Koolie is an intelligent breed that needs  training and plenty of understanding.This breed is a devoted breed that is patient and dedicated to his owner.The Koolie is not aggressive ,but is sometimes dominant.They are enthusiastic about agility, herding and their work in general. In the absence of cattle, the Koolie will try to herd family and children.When herding cattle they can shift their eyes from the cattle and focus on other things.   Black Koolie

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Activity Level: High

Special Needs: Koolies live to be around 18 years.They have a diverse gene pool, so this breed is not prone to the many genetic problems that other breeds face.Nonetheless, puppies from the merle  can be prone to blindness.Breeders need to breed merles to solids, to prevent blindness.  Koolie Club of  Australia Koolie Rescue Australia

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