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Origin: Australia

Group: Herding,UKC


This breed is rare in the US, but not in Australia.In 1988, the Australian National Kennel Council opened up a ‘development’ register for this great breed, fearing that the purebred form of the ‘Stumpie’ could become extinct.

History: Often confused with the Australian Cattle Dog, the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is a cross between a dingo and the Smithfield, which was the first cattle dog used by the Australian cattle ranchers. No one knows how much dingo is in this cattle dog.The first cross between the two resulted in the Timmins Biter, which in turn was bred with the blue-merle, smooth -coated Collie.It does not have any Australian Kelpie cross, which is found in the Australian Cattle Dog.

Description: The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is taller than the Australian Cattle Dog with a square profile, and does not have a tail. The ‘Stumpie’ has a rugged, almost handsome appearance.This breed is muscular , carrying a broad head .The Stumpy Tail Cattle dog has small prick ears and a deep chest.The tail is no longer than a 4 inch bob.They have a double undercoat with a soft undercoat and a short, straight outer coat with a neck ruff.This breed will carry a blue coat, or  have a blue mottled coat with or without black markings.They can also have red markings with a red coat.

Height: 17-20 inches

Weight: No standard is currently available

Temperament:The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog enjoys hard work and having a job to do.This breed has endurance and lots of energy.They are a one -person dog and are by nature a bit shy, yet not unfriendly or aggressive.Courageous and loyal with plenty of integrity.

Activity: High

The ‘Stumpie’ needs to spend plenty of time outdoors, especially on a farm or ranch, and thrives with an active lifestyle.

Needs:Positive Training, herding,socialization

Health Concerns: Cleft palate,spina bifida, and some vertebral health problems.





Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog UKC

Australian National Kennel Council


Dog Club of New South Wales





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