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Origin: Norway

Group: Scent hound,UKC

History: The Hygenhund and the Dunker, both Norwegian Hounds, were considered as one breed until 1934. Hunters imported the Dunker hounds into Norway during the 18th century. This breed was bred for the sole purpose of hunting rabbit. The Dunker breed is rarely seen outside of Norway.

Description: The Norwegian Hound or Dunker dog is a medium-sized breed that is strong and rectangular in shape.

The Dunker has a long head with a very accentuated occipital bone.With large eyes that are dark and soulful and sometimes blue, the Dunker has wide drop ears with a short neck and deep chest.The Dunker has small paws, and a wonderfully long tail that he carries horizontally.This breed has a short coat that is straight, and is either black or merle in color with tan and white markings.

Height: 19-22.5 inches

Weight: 35-50 pounds

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Temperament: Sweet and good-natured with a terrific hunting instinct.He is also very vocal.

The Dunker breed does well with positive training, socialization and an active schedule.

Health Concerns:  Hip Dysplasia, eye problems and ear problems.


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