Understanding Your Dogs

How Your Dog Sees The Dog Park?

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Dogs and humans have a couple of important things in common.Both dogs and humans develop strong emotional attachments, and are genetically programmed to live in complex social groups.Dogs are incredibly good at reading the body language of  other dogs, and even that of humans.Given all this,it’s important that all human pet parents learn to understand subtle canine behavior.

Submissiveness at the Dog Park

  • Ears back flat against head.
  • Crouches down with a ‘grinning’ expression
  • Tail will be between his legs, possibly wagging a greeting.
  • Many times a submissive dog will lie on his back with his paws in the air .

Dominance at the Dog Park

  • Standing tall with raised head and tail when greeting other dogs
  • Ears perked forwards with interest looking into the eyes of the approaching dog
  • Sometimes mounting behavior is expressed
  • Growling and snapping

Aggression-Fear Biting

  • Snapping, snarling and biting
  • Perceived enemy
  • Not well socialized as pups, possibly abused
  • Cowering posture, tucked tail
  • Serious problem that needs to be worked out with a positive trainer.


  • Barking and snarling at strangers or new people that they meet.
  • Be sure to remove your dog from the area and reprimand him with a “No”
  • Don’t let this happen in your home to your friends or the postman


  • Play bow, canine body language that dogs use by dropping their front end to the ground with their back end stuck high up in the air.
  • Tail wags
  • High pitched bark
  • Bumping rear ends against the legs or body of the person or dog
  • Repeated tail thumping in the hopes of playing

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    May 13, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    Thanks for tghe advice. It’ll help me a lot to understand our Sally and our Chiquita.
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