December 2, 2022

2 thoughts on “Canine Adolescence. Navigating the Right Path For Your Puppy.

  1. Great points. I remember when Eko entered his teenage “years” and started testing his limits. Like you say, consistency is the key to making the transition from puppy to adult manners.

  2. My dog was a good student, although I probably waited too long to get us into a class since she was over two years old. Playtime was before and after class, but medium sized Bella would only play with the small dogs (like her housemate, Ferris.) She seemed fearful of the large dogs and the instructor placed her in the group with the little guys. She socializes well with dogs her size and smaller to this day (she is now 9 years old) but doesn’t want anything to do with the large population, especially if they sniff her- which of course is inevitable.

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