February 6, 2023

4 thoughts on “Canine Body Language Explained! Is Your Dog Confident?

  1. can you answer a doggy psychology question for me ?

    I was visiting my sister who has 4 lovely Rhodesian Ridgebacks. One would periodically pick up her play toy, and bring it over to me a couple times a day. I would take it – she wouldn’t chase it if I threw it – and then hand it back to her and off she would walk with the play toy.

    Do you know what this behaviour meant ? It was never dangerous, just disconcerting when a 100 pound dog comes up to you with a squeaky toy in her mouth.

    thanks –

    1. Hi,

      She’s inviting you to play by sharing her toy with you. She sounds super sweet 🙂 I find that larger dogs are often more friendly and accepting of guests than smaller ones.Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a wonderful breed 🙂

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