Play and Exercise For Canine Health and Happiness!

By Claudia Bensimoun



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Play and Exercise For Canine Health & Happiness

When many dogs get together at the dog park, beach or anywhere else, they will need to size each other up before deciding to make friends. They do this by sniffing each other and showing different body and tail postures.

Many times friendship is instantaneous and they will make friends right away and go play. Play among dogs is incredibly important, and all dogs need to do this at least a few times a week.Dogs have glands on either sides of their behind, and part of a canine introduction will entail butt sniffing.

A dog’s anal glands releases a smell when a dog goes potty, is excited or scared, or even feeling aggressive. Other dogs will sniff your dog’s behind to see what the new dog is all about. Butt sniffing among dogs is an introductory process among dogs, and should never be interrupted by well meaning pet parents.

Once dogs have completed this process, they will then greet each other via their faces and other body parts. At the end of all of this, a rank is established, and the dogs can then begin to play or leave each other alone.

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    I always enjoyed seeing my dog lay with other dogs. However, dog parks can be a problem and predominantly because of the owners. Dogs, especially large breed, love to roughhouse and play fight. Many owners get super protective of their dogs as they are toddlers and create an anxious and agitated atmosphere for their dogs. That often leads to confrontations between dogs. Dog owners should view their dogs as such and educate themselves on canine interactions and play.

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