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Origin: Finland

Group : Northern,UKC

History: The Karjalankarhukoira, otherwise known as the Karelian Bear Dog is thought to have originated from the indigenous northern European dogs around 1936. This breed was bred to hunt wildlife like bear and elk, and prefers to hunt alone,  instead of in packs. After World War 2, the Karelian was almost extinct as a breed. Nonetheless, the Finnish Kennel Club helped maintain the breed. Today, the Karelian Bear Dog helps to keep away bears from suburbs.

Description: A handsome, strong breed that is built longer than tall, the Karelian has a short muzzle with  a medium sized black nose. He has prick ears of medium size which are triangular in shape. With a bushy tail that is either relaxed or curled into a bob, the Karelian has a double coat made of harsh, straight hair of medium- length. His hair is longest on his back, neck and rump, and is black and white in color.

Height:  19.25 to 24 inches

Weight: 45-70 pounds

Temperament: The Karelian can sometimes be aggressive around other dogs and people. Although not the most suitable family pet, the Karelian does well with an experienced dog owner that can keep up with training and exercise. There are many pet parents and breeders that claim that this breed is sensitive, great with children, and makes a good family dog. The Karelian demonstrates bravery, leadership and does well with positive training from an early age.

Best Home Environment:  Large properties or farmlands with plenty of space to exercise. The Karelian needs plenty of socialization around other dogs, people and children.

Health Concerns: None

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