How To Stop Nervous Barking

How To Stop Nervous Barking?

By Claudia Bensimoun



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Nervous Barking

1.In this scenario, you’ll need to identify why your dog is barking, and his source of fear.

2.Begin by gradually introducing him to his “source of fear”.

3.Identify your dog’s threshold which would be the distance that he begins barking from.

4.Start introducing him sub-threshold to the “feared object.”

This is done by slightly increasing the distance from where the triggered barking begins.

5.Offer his high-value liver or beef freeze dried treats every time he’s exposed to the fear object.

6.When your dog starts looking at you all the time, and waiting for his treat, and he sees the “feared object” (trigger), ask him to sit to receive his treat. He now gets an alternative positive behavioral response that used to be a negative one.

7.Slowly decrease the distance between your dog and the feared object. (trigger) If he starts fearing the trigger again, then backtrack a distance, and repeat the practice, all the while rewarding him.

8. Reward and praise! Keep in mind that you should always reach out to your veterinarian to ensure no underlying health issues are causing the behavioral problems.


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