How To Stop Separation Barking

Separation- Issue Barking



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All dogs are social and enjoy being around people. Dogs naturally will be left alone at times. That said, there are some dogs that become anxious, bored, and experience severe distress when left alone. They then will engage in excessive barking, destructive chewing, soiling, and attempts of trying to escape. If your dog is showing symptoms of severe separation issues, he’s most likely bored due to lack of mental stimulation and not enough exercise.

1.Don’t Allow For Your Dog To Be Left Alone

While your dog undergoes his behavior modification program, alternatives should be employed to leaving your dog at home alone. Contact a favorite pet sitter, dog walker of doggie daycare. You’ll find that once his separation issues have been resolved, his excessive barking will cease.

2.Practicing Mini-Absences During Puppyhood Helps To Prepare Your Pooch For Longer Absences

That said, no absence should be traumatic for your dog. Leave him in an environmentally stimulated environment where he should have access to windows, so that he can look outside, see the birds, trees and other animals.  Make sure that he’s environmentally stimulated!

3.Contact Your Veterinarian If Your dog is Showing Signs of Stress

You may not have spent enough time during puppyhood preparing him to spend time alone. In this case you’ll need to consult with your veterinarian and a behaviorist to discuss ways of gradually acclimating your furry best friend to spending time alone. Some dogs with bad separation anxiety will be prescribed canine Prozac.

4.Best Interactive Dog Toys For Home-Alone Time

Try out pet activity toys and treat puzzle games to keep your dog mentally stimulated when you’re away from home. Naturally, supervise at first to make sure that your dog will be safe when left alone.

5.Exercise Your Dog Before Leaving Home

Like humans, all dogs need regular exercise every day.



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