How To Stop Yard Barking

By Claudia Bensimoun

Steps To Resolve Yard Barking



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Gardens and backyards are great places for your dogs to enjoy. Dogs tend to get lonely if left alone. When this happens, your dog will patrol the fence or gate area, and start barking at any strangers he sees. Your dog is protecting your property from animal and people intruders. He also gets an adrenaline rush from successfully scaring off anyone walking near the property.

If you tend to leave your dog alone in the yard, you may be encouraging your dog to bark at everyone that walks by. That said, he is also in a vulnerable position, to be stolen, poisoned or hurt by another animals.


1.Keep Your Dog Supervised When Out In The Garden

Watch for cues, as to how he’s going to react when he sees other dogs or people approaching your property.

2.If He Starts Barking, Be Proactive By Redirecting Him Before It Happens

Working on these issues when he’s a bit hungry especially before feed time, makes him enjoy his treat so much more. Remember to keep rewarding. Remove your dog from the motivation. Encourage him to focus elsewhere before the barking begins.

3.When You First Begin Training Your Dog, Be Sure To Have Him On a Leash

This makes it so much easier. That way your dog can’t run off to the far end of your property where you have no control over his barking.

4.Take Mini- Breaks Throughout Training

This will help both of you focus, and to have more fun during training.

5. Encourage Him To Focus On Other Things Besides Barking

Regardless of why your dog is barking excessively at strangers or other dogs that are approaching your yard, you’re going to need to properly socialize your dog. Try to encourage the right behaviors during puppyhood.

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