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Doga For Dogs! Redefining Healing!



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Fido may have fun playing Frisbee or taking long hikes, but in recent years new trends have been emerging with pet parents routinely pampering their dogs with Doga and spiritually inclined fitness gurus that work toward Fido’s health of both body and mind.

 Today non-traditional healing techniques for Fido are being combined with those of Western medicine. From transformative acupuncture to pampering massage, physical therapy and Doga, the main focus is bringing Fido back to health the natural way, all the while ensuring bonding between pet parent and pooch. There’s another big bonus too: lots of socialization. Even those with dogs that may seem shy benefit from being around different people and dogs.

“We can’t forget that dogs are our best friends. That whatever we do with them just makes life better. And even though yoga is blissful and fun, it is still hard for so many to take the time to actually just get on the mat and flow,” says Jacksonville yoga instructor Suzi Teitelman. “When we bring Fido along, it only takes the joy and love even farther, and for many kills two birds with one stone… spending time with your dog, and spending time with you.”

The pet parent-Doga bond is continuously being forged throughout the U.S. “Doga has all the traditional benefits that yoga comes with… moving meditation, physical flexibility, strength and energy… increased joy and peacefulness. The benefits are hard to stop listing. Doga is one of the most tangible forms of finding contentment, happiness and relaxation. When you get to touch and hug and stretch on your dog while you both do yoga, this is as truthful and pure a moment most dog lovers and dogis will find,” explains Teitelman.

Part of a special program is the aqua- massage for dogs at Morris Animal Inn, New Jersey. The aqua- massage dog pool helps to relax and tone Fido’s muscles, increase flexibility, build the immune system, and enhance Fido’s overall physical performance. Aqua massage has also been known to help with arthritis and hip dysplasia. So if you have an urge to pamper Fido, here’s one way to do it.

At Morris Animal Inn getting Fido fit, losing weight and reducing stress are all part of a day’s fun. Like us, our dogs enjoy doing things differently, and here it’s easy making sure that Fido keeps active, stimulated and stress-free. The luxury pet spa and resort offers treadmill trots, swim sessions in their indoor aqua center, Doga classes, pampering massages, homemade treats, and more. “Keeping our dogs active and mentally stimulated are key to good canine health. Our camp combines fitness activities with pampering, so it is more of an active spa retreat than a canine boot camp. We want our four-legged guests to come away refreshed and rejuvenated,” says Joanne Morris, vice president of the Morris Animal Inn.

Each program is individually tailored to meet the needs of each dog. Some sessions offer one-on-one and others are offered in a group setting. For more information about Morris Animal Inn, visit:


Nicole Vykoukai, registered yoga teacher and founder of Austin Doga, Texas, is passionate about helping people improve their relationships and well-being with Fido. “Practicing Doga with your best furry Fido friend is a wonderful mix in which both you and your dog benefit. Benefits include modeling a more relaxed and calm state to your dog, bonding deeply with your dog, and giving your own body-mind-soul the replenishment, nourishment and rest it craves. She believes that in Doga you take the time to slow down, practice calming yoga poses, and be truly present with your dog. “This practice of gratitude, mindfulness and compassion leaves both of you and your dog feeling Zen. I always remind my students that in addition to Doga, regular positive dog training and plenty of doggie exercise are crucial to helping your dog live a fulfilled and joyful life,” explains Vykoukai. To learn more about Austin Doga, visit:


Kim Shottola at the LightFoot Way where a holistic approach to caring for people and animals ensures that they are nurtured as a whole being-mentally, spiritually, and physically, believes in energy work that comes in many forms such as reiki, EFT, muscle testing, crystal healing, color therapy and Doga. She says, “ If your dog has emotional problems due to a traumatic situation such as abuse or neglect, energy work can help release and heal those deep emotions. For behavioral issues such as anxiety, fear or hyperactivity, energy work can help your dog to relax. If your dog is sick or injured, energy work can help the healing occur more quickly.” While massage therapy is great for all dogs, it’s especially helpful for aging, athletic or large dogs. “Slow, gentle circular strokes are great for overall health. If your dog is ill or injured, you should consult a vet to see if massage is appropriate. Some of the top benefits of massage are increased circulation and improved joint flexibility and muscle tone. Massage therapy also relieves pain and discomfort associated with conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. It can also calm a nervous or aggressive dog, and enhance their ability to focus,” she adds. To learn more, visit: Shottola’s instructional Doga eBook is also available online.

It may take little extra time and effort scheduling Doga, canine massage, or even aqua- massage sessions, but considering how much your dog will benefit from this, it’s the best way to ensure a healthier and happier way of life.

As Teitelman says “ The person benefits by soaking up the pure love and pure attention of devotion to you, from your pet. Your dog is already a divine creature of spirituality. Your dog knows that we are miracles of light, and that each moment we are to be in a state of contentedness and peace. Dogs naturally do yoga, they stretch, they relax, and they find unconditional love so easily. If only we could be more like our dogs. So when we do Doga together, we are sharing what we each can with each other. We learn so much from just looking in the eyes of our beloved pet, and being, not doing. Just being in a state of Doga. In Doga we are just not getting the ‘benefits’ you think come with yoga practice. It is way beyond that! We are using our dogs as vessels of power to help change us into better beings. When we do Doga on a daily basis, you will see the transformation of both man and pup.” To get in touch with Suzi Teitelman, visit: Her instructional DVD and Doga manual are available online.

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