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The latest canine DNA startup by cofounders Adam and Ryan Boyko at Embark Veterinary  has new funding of $4.5 million from investors. This would allow for pet parents, veterinarians and breeders to learn more about their dog’s ancestry and disease risk. A simple cheek swab of saliva and a small fee of $199 is all it takes for the most comprehensive canine genetic testing on the market in 2017.


  1. To provide an update on your’s dog’s health and provide information as to whether Fido is a carrier for specific diseases, which would help breeders and veterinarians.
  2. To provide details about your dog’s family tree especially when it comes to shelter dogs.
  3. To provide a breakdown of chromosomes detailing which of your dog’s traits come from certain breed types. This test is able to detect over 200,000 genetic markers and also determines 175 dog breeds.


All test results take 3-4 weeks and are available online.

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