Independent Study Discovers Lead, Arsenic, and Up to 16 Other Dangerous Toxins in “Made in China” Dog Beds. What’s in Yours?


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With your furry best friend spending so much time in his dog bed, it’s best to check out what your dog bed is made from. A recent study discovered arsenic, and up to 16 other dangerous toxins in “made in China dog beds.” Chances are “that your pooch could be resting on a toxic blend of lead, arsenic, and mercury that steadily poisons his or her body and actually exacerbates the very pain that their bed was supposedly designed to alleviate.” via Big Barker.

According to Erik Shannon, Founder of Big Barker “As someone that’s been in the dog bed business since 2006, I know that almost all of the foam-based dog beds sold in America use Chinese foam. It’s notorious for being cheaply made, and it usually can’t hold up nearly as well as American foam. But there’s a much bigger reason why Chinese foam is so concerning.

Chinese factories have been dumping toxic fillers into their foam for years.

It’s been a poorly kept secret that the Chinese factories have been dumping toxic fillers into their foam for years. These fillers give the foam a fake “fuller look” and “density rating” that makes the dog bed look like a great buy… until you get it home and it flattens and falls apart in no time flat!

Chinese manufacturers (and American brands that buy their beds from China) have been able to get away with this elaborate con on the American public for a long time. But that ends today.

Because until now – we’ve only been able to warn customers about the shoddy durability of the Chinese foam, but we never had irrefutable PROOF that these innocent-looking beds can actually be riddled with an alarming number of hidden toxins.”


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Tips on How To Protect Yourself From Buying a Potentially Dangerous Pet Product

  1. Stay away from pet products without a brand name.
  2. Check out and do research on all brands prior to purchasing anything online.
  3. Find out what the product is made from and where it is manufactured?
  4. Stay away from cheap dog products, most especially dog beds, dog toys, dog toothbrushes, dog leashes, collars, treat dispensing dog toys, chewy dog toys that are priced too cheaply and sold online. These products also tend to take longer to ship, sometimes up to 3 weeks.
  5. Purchase domestic products that are eco-friendly and pet friendly. These tend to last longer and are safer for your pooch.






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