Canine Reunions.Why Are They So Necessary? How To Understand and Encourage Them?

 By Claudia Bensimoun




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All dogs love reunions with humans and other dogs and often offer funny, intelligent and heartwarming welcomes.

What To Expect When Family Members Arrive Home After a Long Period of Time

Allow your dog to sniff, welcome and jump around in joy. Give your dog the time to approach and sniff, explore and welcome each new family member or dog that returns home. If the family member has been away for a long period of time, such as returning from Iraq or a long trip overseas or sickness at the hospital, your dog will take longer becoming accustomed to their return. Jumping up and embracing is the canine way of showing affection. Should the family member still be recovering from an illness or injury, avoid overwhelming your dog and give your canine some interactive toys, prior to the family member returning home.


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What You Can Do To Prevent Over -Excitement

Keep your dog on a leash during reunions if the person is elderly, very young or recovering from an illness or injury. Be sure to settle your dog down and stay calm and relaxed. All pooches feel the excitement or stress of a new situation.

Take your dog for a long walk or to the dog park or beach before members arrive home. This will ensure that Fido will have used up all his energy and will be ready to focus quietly on all arrivals. Have a ready supply of treats and praise for your dog once he settles down.

Barking, jumping up and canine hugging are genuine terms of affection. After about twenty minutes your dog should settle down and relax.Canines love to reunite.

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