The Australian Cattle Dog

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Alternative Names: Australian Cattle Dog,Heeler, Queensland Heeler,Red Heeler



History:The Blue Heeler was bred by Australian cattle ranchers who needed a cattle dog or herding dog that could go long distances.The Cattle Dog’s direct ancestor was the Hall’s Heeler.This great dog was developed from a cross of the dingo and the smooth-coated Scottish Collie.By 1860, the Hall’s Heeler was bred  with the Australian Kelpie and the Dalmation.This created today’s Australian Cattle Dog.

Description:The Blue Heeler is a medium-sized dog that is sturdy and muscular.He is longer than tall.This breed has a broad head, tapering medium sized muzzle and medium-sized ears.They have double coats with a dense undercoat and brush tails.Their coats may be mottled with blue, black, tan or red markings.

Height: 17-20 inches.

Weight: 33-55 pounds

Temperament: Wonderfully loyal and protective, that does not enjoy the company of strangers.He is more relaxed with those that he knows.Alert and energetic, this breed makes for a great companion dog.

Activity Level.Super energetic.Needs a job.Frisbee, agility, cattle herding

Preferable Home: An active home that will give him the exercise and mental stimulation that he needs.

Health Concerns:Deafness, hip dysplasia.




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