The Bedlington Terrier

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The Bedlington Terrier is thought to have been developed during the mid-nineteenth century in Cumberland County in northern England. This breed was first known as the Rothbury Terrier and was renamed after a mining village in the UK, where these terriers were used for hunting rats, badgers, foxes, and otters.


Medium-sized sheep-like appearance with a graceful gait. The Bedlington has a narrow and rounded head, with the skull being much shorter than the muzzle. This breed has either a brown or black nose, depending on the dog’s coloring and small, dark glistening eyes.

Drop ears are covered in hair which forms tassels at the end. The coat is curly and short and maybe a combination of rough and soft hair. Coloring varies and may be sandy, sandy and tan, liver-colored, blue and tan, or liver and tan.

 Height: 15.5 to 16.5 inches

Weight: 17 to 23 pounds

Temperament: The Bedlington Terrier has such a super disposition and is generally gentle and pleasant to be around. Nonetheless, this breed can be alert and full of energy. This breed is susceptible to human emotions and enjoys being around people.

However, the Bedlington can sometimes be wary of other dogs. This breed is very independent and intelligent; the Bedlington picks up cues quickly and is fun to train.

Activity Level: Medium

The Bedlington enjoys either country or city life and interacts well with families, children, and other people.Daily exercise, grooming, training, and socialization are needed.

Health Concerns: Copper toxicosis, juvenile cataracts, kidney disease, PRA-Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

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